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Rewinding for a bit…

Musical artist Snoop Dogg is a huge fan of HBO’s hit television series “True Blood.” He mentioned the show in his song “Gangsta Luv” and has expressed his desire to make an appearance on the “Blood.”  Dogg went a step further and made a music video paying tribute to character Sookie Stackhouse played by Anna Paquin titled “Oh Sookie (True Blood).

Unforetunately, the target of Dogg’s affection does not agree with a cameo from the rapper. Last week at Audi’s Pre Golden Globes party  at L.A.’s Sunset Tower Hotel, the actress told E! “If it were an appropriate character, then why not? We have all types of people on the show…But we don’t really…put people on the show for the sake of putting people on the show.”

Awww no love. Still, funny video!

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I remember watching rapper Snoop Dogg’s show on the E! Network “FatherHood.” I also remember his wife Shante Broadus talking about her desire to start her own clothing line. What I did not know was that Mrs. Dogg’s line is already hitting the catwalks and sidewalks. 

Co Co Ri was released over the summer. BET featured the line in their fashion appreciation show “Rip the Runway.”

Broadus’s pieces in the clothing line are colorful. I also appreciate the fact that the clothing is tailor towards a variety of body types. However, the some clothing does not look realistic or well made. Many of the pieces look like they are of thin fabric. Having a shirt that looks attractive is nice, but, if it is only good for deep layering, it won’t go far. In addition to texture, some pieces are bold but they almost cross the line of looking like costumes.

Though it needs  revisions before its next season release, Coco Ri is on its way of marking a mark in the world of fashion.


Courtesy of Style List.com

Courtesy of Style List.com

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