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I found out about the shooting at Hampton University at 1:05am when my pizza was delivered. According to my delivery man from Chanellos Pizza, he was standing in the lobby of Harkness Hall, when a young man began pointing a gun at another pizza delivery man. He said that he believes that the employee was from Domineos Pizza. 

According to the Wavy.com, an 18-year-old former student of Hampton University entered the lobby of Harkness Hall around 12:3 a.m. He then shot the 62-year-old night manager and a 43-year-old pizza delivery driver who happened to be standing nearby. The shooter then turned the gun on himself. 

The Daily Press reported that all three individuals shot were taken to hospitals in the area and were listed as in stable condition. 

After the shooting, the campus was placed on lockdown while police investigated the crime. 

Harkness Hall, Courtesy of Google Images

Harkness Hall, Courtesy of Google Images

Leha Byrd, who works in HU’s department of publice relations, told the Daily Press that students, faculty and staffers were notified of the situation via text messages and voice mails. 

However, I can attest that not everyone received such warning. After the shooting, I never received a text message or call telling me that an event had occured and that the campus was on lockdown. I frequently check the school website and my school’s email for information. None was posted.

When my mother called the Hampton police station, she said that the woman on the phone sounded flustered and scared. My mother was then put on hold and in the background she could hear “it’s a parent.” She was then told to call the school. When I called the Hampton University police station, I was told to stay in my room. When I asked if the shooter was still on campus with us, I was again told to stay in my room and that that was all the information that I could be told. I finally did receive a call on my land line at 3 a.m., hours after the shooting. 

I was disappointed that as a student possibly in danger, I was not given any assistant or answers. 

There will be a press conference today at 4 p.m. at Armstrong Stadium on HU’s campus.


Here is a statement from Hampton UniversityPresident William R. Harvey President presented by WTKR-TV3 

” There was a shooting incident on the campus of Hampton University at approximately 1 a.m. today. No current students were involved and or injured. The Hampton City Police believe that they have the shooter in custody. A former student, currently residing in New York, allegedly shot a pizza delivery driver and the night manager at Harkness Hall. He then allegedly turned the gun on himself. All three were airlifted to area hospitals. Following university policy, students, faculty and staff were notified via text message and email about the situation.


Hampton City police are on the scene and investigating the incident. Hampton University chapel services and classes will proceed as scheduled. The University will hold a press conference at 4 p.m. in Armstrong Stadium on the Hampton University campus. HU President Dr. William R. Harvey releases statement on shooting The Hampton University community is praying for those injured in this tragic incident. I have spoken to a number of students who live in Harkness Hall and made sure they were aware of the services available on campus, including counseling. I want to thank all of the first responders including, Harkness Hall dormitory personnel, the Hampton University police, Hampton City Police, Hampton Fire Department, Hampton EMT and Hampton University student affairs personnel, for the professional way in which they handled the shooting on campus this morning. Their response was swift, professional and effective.

When I arrived at the scene approximately 15 minutes after the shooting, the campus was on lockdown, the crime scene had been controlled, Harkness Hall had been evacuated, text messages were being sent, a telephone message had been left on campus telephones including dormitories and offices and information about the situation was on the web site. We will continue to keep the public informed as information is released from police.”


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I love Hampton’s waterfront. I could sit there thinking for hours. I think of everything out there: God, love, class, my friends, my grandfather, my family, living on campus. Looking out at the water help me.

I used to have a bench that I shared with someone else. I don’t think I have sat on it in a while. There was one day that I was sitting outside and it was raining……man I was so upset haha.

Anyways, no matter how much upset I am feeling, my friend the waterfront always helps.

I’m trying to remember if I was sitting on my old bench that day…..I don’t think so. I think I would have burst into flames if I had touched it back then.

Anyways, the waterfront is magical. I love looking out in front of me.Maybe that’s the magic. No matter how bad things feel at that point in my mind….I just look out and I see water and life and…..and it reminds me of my bright future. 

I can always see the sun through the clouds.


HU Marina- courtesy of me

HU Marina- courtesy of me

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