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On February 19th the celebrity gossip site TMZ released a photo of singer Rhianna after an allegedly by fellow Grammy nominee Chris Brown.

It was reported by TheMediaBuffet.com, the source who released the photo was paid $62.5K by TMZ. They also reported that regularly, TMZ pays a relative or friend of the source within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, according to the website, the release of the photo could hinder the legal case against Brown. The release of the photo may manipulate the fairness that Brown should be give by a jury. Brown is supposed to be seen as a alleged a attack, not an already convicted criminal. Now, charges could be dropped. 

A source within the Los Angeles Police Department commented that,“Brown, even if guilty, could walk free because of the unauthorized release of this photo.”

TMZ’s Executive Producer Harvey Levin said on “On the Record” that when he first received the phtot, he did not know that it was the real one from the police department. 

The LAPD began receiving questions about the release of the Rhianna photo the day before it was posted on TMZ.com. Below is a direct link to the original news release of the photo from the police department.


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This week artists Chris Brown and Rhianna were scheduled to sing at the Grammys. However

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

,both canceled their performances and did not show up to the Grammys. Entertainment Weekly reported that the couple was involved in a car crash. Fans and reporters learned later that that information was false.


 Chris Brown was voluntarily turned himself in to the LAPD’s Wilshire station in L.A., Ca. He was released on $50,000 bail. 

According to E! Online, Brown and Rhianna were in the Hancock Park area at 12:30 a.m. They were heading  driving home from Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy party.  

Allegedly the couple got in an argument about Chris Brown receiving a text message from another girl. Chris pulled over and the argument escalated. Allegedly Chris repeatedly hit Rhianna in the face with her fist. Rhianna got out of the car. A woman called 911 when she heard Rhianna’s screams. 

Many news sites such as E! news, CNN, TMZ and People are reporting that Chris Brown beat Rhianna as though they know 100%. Celebrities have also been interviewed about the case.

I, for one, am tired of people reporting the Chris Brown matter before the police report is released. NO one but Chris and Rhianna know for sure what happened. As journalist, we should not be reporting news until we know all of the facts. I am extremely annoyed.

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