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Me at Congressman Miller's desk

Me at Congressman Miller's desk-courtesy of me!



Me in front of Congressman Miller's office

Me in front of Congressman Miller's office-courtesy of me!

I have been in it before, but the day before the inauguration I able to visit Con. George Miller’s office. I love  Con. Miller. Through my mother I have known the congressman for years. He is so open and compassionate when it comes to those in need. He has traveled to other countries just to help out. His city is claimed to one of the toughest in the Bay Area. He is working hard to make a difference. Growing up a African American kid I have heard all sorts of things about people of other races. Con. Miller, kicks them all in the bum.

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(courtesy of me)

(courtesy of me)

I am in Washing D.C.! 

Today was WONDERFUL! I woke up at 9 am and went to breakfast in the hotel. A waste of time…..gross besides the cereal. We got dressed and after a delay of waiting for each other, we were on our way. My family and I drove and then took the Metro from our hotel at the edge of VA to D.C. I had the beautiful privilege of attending the concert hosted at the Lincoln Memorial =] . We tried to make our way to the front of the stage but it quickly became clear that that would have only happened if we had left earlier [duh!].

Walking towards the Memorial we saw masses of people. I have to include the people selling memorabilia. Man, put Obama’s name /face on ANYTHING and it will sell! Key chains, flags, beanies, shirts, posters…..you name it. 

Anyways, there were people all over on the lawn leading to the Lincoln Memorial. It really touched me to see people of all ages and nationalities together. I can not describe how that made me feel. I was so proud to be there will all of those people.

At the concert held at the Memorial, I was able to catch Stevie Wonder, Usher, Shakira, U2 and some else I didn’t recognized. I wanted to cry S0 bad, but I was with my family haha. Tomorrow we are going sight seeing.

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