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I love Hampton’s waterfront. I could sit there thinking for hours. I think of everything out there: God, love, class, my friends, my grandfather, my family, living on campus. Looking out at the water help me.

I used to have a bench that I shared with someone else. I don’t think I have sat on it in a while. There was one day that I was sitting outside and it was raining……man I was so upset haha.

Anyways, no matter how much upset I am feeling, my friend the waterfront always helps.

I’m trying to remember if I was sitting on my old bench that day…..I don’t think so. I think I would have burst into flames if I had touched it back then.

Anyways, the waterfront is magical. I love looking out in front of me.Maybe that’s the magic. No matter how bad things feel at that point in my mind….I just look out and I see water and life and…..and it reminds me of my bright future. 

I can always see the sun through the clouds.


HU Marina- courtesy of me

HU Marina- courtesy of me

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