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During the lifetime of the United States’s existence, events have led many Americans to categorize the religion of Islam as a dangerous cult. On Thursday, CNN.com posted an open letter from Arsalan Iftikhar, an international human rights lawyer and founder of TheMuslimeGuy.com. In the post, Iftikhar states that populations of Americans have banded together to combat the Islamic faith. He also evaluates an epidemic he calls Islamophobia.

Here are a few excerpts:

“Islamophobia has become ridiculously out of hand. For those who argue that mosques are somehow inherently breeding grounds for extremism, a two-year joint study by Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy and the University of North Carolina concluded that American ‘mosques are actually a deterrent to the spread of militant Islam and terrorism.”

“It saddens me to think that the infamous lunatic terrorist known as Osama bin Laden may be in a cave somewhere in central Asia laughing at us — and perhaps even mockingly referring to our beloved country as the United States of Islamophobia.”

You can read all of the article here .

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